• Electrical Trainee card holders are required to complete 48 hours of Basic Trainee Classes prior to renewing their trainee card every two years.
  • Per WAC 296-46B-970 (4)(c)((ii)((D), all basic trainee courses must be classroom instruction only. No correspondence or internet classes are allowed.
  • Exams: All participants in basic trainee courses are required to complete and pass a 20-question exam with a minimum score of 75%. Students with a testing anxiety, learning disability or language barrier are encouraged to inform the instructor so that all efforts to ensure student success are made.

For additional questions on your Electrical Trainee license in Washington State, contact Labor & Industries Electrical Department at 360.902.5269 or online at www.lni.wa.gov.

Journey-level Electricians (Journeyman, Administrator's and Master Electricians)

All Washington Electrical Journeyman, Electrical Administrator's or Master Electricians must complete 24 hours of continuing education prior to license renewal every three years.
Continuing education hours must include:

  • 8 hours NEC Code Update
  • 4 hours RCW/WAC Update
  • 12 hours Industry Related*